KitchenAid Chef Touch cooking system


The Sous Vide or Under Vacuum cooking system employs a very delicate, high quality, low temperature cooking that until now, had been only available to the chefs in the top restaurants. The KitchenAid Chef Touch instantly transforms you into that master chef, helping preserve food flavours, texture and appearance, and ensuring truly professional cooking results at your own kitchen. You cook the restaurant quality meal, eat it right away or preserve by refrigerating or freezing, maintaining the best possible quality, taste and flavour. The KitchenAid Chef Touch cooking system includes the vacuum machine for preserving food, the 34-litre steam oven for cooking or reheating and the shock freezer for rapid chilling or freezing.

Highlights of the KitchenAid Chef Touch cooking system include,
– EasyClean stainless steel finish
– vacuum sealing system for airless packing food or ingredients
– Pure or Combi steam-assist oven with 10 Sous Vide programs, 2 regeneration functions, 8 special functions and 2 traditional functions
– Shock Freezer to drop temperature to 3°C within 1½ hours for storage in the fridge or to shock freeze for long-term freezer storage at -18°C within 4 hours
– food retains the essential flavours and ingredients
– several items can be cooked in the oven at once, each in their own separate airtight pouch