Mobile kitchen from KOCHWAGEN

The KOCHWAGEN mobile kitchens come in 80cm, 100cm and 120 cm widths – the KW80, the KW100 and the KW120. The kitchen chassis is made of high-strength, welded aluminium tubes whereas the side panels and doors are crafted from 3mm thick aluminium sheet. Chassis, side panels and doors are all covered with a protective powder coating. Every component of your KOCHWAGEN mobile kitchen is fabricated in Germany or other European countries. This cooking trolley offers increased mobility and allows for more intimate, shared experience of cooking with family and friends.

The worktop is made from either oak or beech wood. Multi-bonded layers of beech wood are generally used to build multiplex board because unlike oak, beech doesn’t expand and shrink, offering near absolute torsion resistance, but you can order the board in oak if prefer its solid feel and distinctive look. The wooden surface of both oak and beech wood is treated with an environmentally friendly, multi-layered hard oil and is then polished in several stages. The all-round handrail makes it easy to move the KOCHWAGEN mobile kitchen in any direction.
Depending on the size you choose, your KOCHWAGEN comes with 2 to 5 gas burners, all made of durable ceramic glass or stainless steal and topped off with a cast-iron grate. To prevent gas outflow, each single hob is equipped with a safety device. The high quality burners are made by well known European manufacturers.
The partial lockable castor wheels with their abrasion-proof polyurethane surface have two merits – they are easy to move and at the same time they protect your floor from streaks. Neither annoying cables nor rigid conduits impede your freedom to cook wherever you want.
A portable standard gas cylinder provides simple and very practical solution for maximum flexibility. The KW80 can hold a 5kg cylinder, whereas the KW100 and KW120 can optionally be loaded with a 11kg cylinder. The heavier gas cylinder will certainly increase the weight of your KOCHWAGEN.
The chassis, side panels and doors of the KOCHWAGEN mobile kitchen are finished in powder-coated jet black matt. Optionally, a graphite grey coating is available without additional charge. If you wish to have other colours for the side panels and doors of your KOCHWAGEN, you can get them at extra charge in ultramarine blue, carmine red and maize yellow.
Finally, if you want more space, combine your KOCHWAGEN with a compatible serving trolley. As an extension to your worktop, the serving trolley BW80 comes with your chosen wood surface and with a width of 80cm.