Monoblock and modular kitchens by Inoxpiù

Italian made monoblock and modular kitchens from Inoxpiù offer great flexibility and performance, giving the chance to choose the best solution for your exact needs. Besides modern modular kitchens, Inoxpiù also manufactures monoblock cooking tops. While the company main customers are some of the top restaurants world wide, these innovative coking appliances are finding their way in many affluent homes as well.

Qubica monoblock kitchen

With its pure forms, essential lines, carbon fiber panels and induction plates, Qubica is the new flexible monoblock kitchen by Inoxpiù. Perfect in every situation, from the private kitchen of every real gourmand to the most demanding and glamorous catering service, this is absolute must-have for gourmet lovers. Equipped with the hidden wheels, Qubica is light and agile, and can be easily moved around. The covering of Zero model is crafted in carbon fiber, a strong and resistant material often used in the aerospace industry. You can order the cover from a wide variety of colors and textures. Can also be acquired with two or more covers, to make sure you can match your own Qubica to any environment.
Unica monoblock kitchen
Unica is an exclusive cooking monoblock kitchen produced in a limited edition of only 9 pieces, it synthesises perfectly design and elegance, technology and passion for gourmet art. The sheer design and the possibility of customization allow an extraordinary flexibility. From the most exclusive open-view restaurant kitchen to the private cuisine of any gourmand, Unica plays the main role in events and show-cooking. Every feature and item are customized in detail. You can choose the finish from steel, blue, black, ivory and ruby, while the working plan can be made from granite, porphyry or stainless steel. All Unica monoblock kitchens come with a personalized silver 18/10 plate.
Modular kitchens
The modular kitchens designed by Inoxpiù offer you performances absolutely similar to those ensured by monoblock kitchens. Each block is perfectly adherent to the next and the junctures are airtight and sealed. The surface will therefore be as unique, easy to clean and hygienic. The main advantage of choosing a modular kitchen is that you’ll always be free to modify the layout of your cooking block. You will be able to adjust your kitchen to the changes in restaurant menu or service along the years, adding or substituting a single component. Inoxpiù.
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