New built-in appliances from Miele – Hot as Fire and Pure as Ice

Miele presented two new built-in appliance series – Fire and Ice to match exclusive interior designs. Both design series are specially developed for integration into an extravagant ambiente. An embossed golden or silver logo on the appliance front underlines the aura of quality and value. Inspiring forms, the pleasant touch and feel of surfaces, intuitive functions – the design of the Generation 5000 built-in appliances has already been at the receiving end of numerous international design awards. One reason for these accolades is the way products from widely differing product groups harmonise perfectly with respect to form and function, appearing to come from the same mould.

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Fire appeals to lovers of exquisite design and those in pursuit of unique values. And, in this case, this can be taken literally as the solid handles on these machines, together with the delivery unit on the coffee machine and the milk flask, have a high-gloss, gold-plate finish. In combination with titanium-style fascia panels and rear-printed bronze glass surfaces, this creates an ensemble which exudes a sense of value and immediately upgrades even the most exquisite of kitchens.

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With the exclusive Ice Series, Miele is now venturing into new realms of design. The characteristic trait of the Ice series is its cool appeal. With a material mix comprising aluminium, silver rear-printed glass and chrome, Miele built-in appliances accentuate the cool, puristic design of the kitchen.
Technologically speaking, the new appliance series opens up huge potential in terms of food processing freedom and offers unparallelled convenience. All products in this range feature touch controls. The built-in coffee maker prepares latte macchiato at the touch of a button. Wall ovens features Miele unique Moisture Plus function as well as pyrolytic cleaning, a feature which incinerates residues to ash at high temperatures. The cooker hood uses Con@ctivity to communicate with the hob to allow extraction to be gauged to what is actually going on down below. Miele appliances are communication-enabled and are able to interface with other appliances and control systems.
The series comprises an island and a wall decor hood, a combination oven for a 45cm niche, two wall ovens – 60 cm and 90 cm, two food warmers, a steam oven, an XL combi steam oven, a coffee machine and a flush induction hob.
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