New kitchen appliances from Whirlpool

New Whirlpool collections add a new aesthetic dimension to the kitchen. The kitchen today is increasingly at the heart of the house, presenting a space not only for cooking and eating, but a meeting place to share with family and friends. That is why we want more and more from household appliances – design, comfort, taste, flexibility, creativity and conviviality are the expectations of today and the new range of Whirlpool In-Wall offers that and more. Whirlpool has 5 new aesthetic lines to meet every need, every preference, every lifestyle and every kitchen design.

Glamour – refined elegance, prestige, quality and uniqueness. It uses the latest technology and combines luxurious materials such as steel and glass for the real luxurious kitchen.

Fusion – elegant design, minimalist lines and seamless integration of each element combined with the latest technology. It is a complete family line that allows multiple configurations, perfectly fusing technology and design.

Ambience – linear design, practicality and simple, intuitive functionality. It offers a wide choice between the traditional and the most modern and innovative.

Contemporary – soft lines, technology and modern materials. This new line interpreted updated classic lines for a modern traditional decor.

Country – aesthetically perfect, warm colors and flawless performance. Contemporary kitchens in traditional design with hi-tech ovens and hobs.
Whirlpool also brings 4 new lines of cooking surfaces, a multiplicity of shapes, sizes and materials combined in different configurations for designing your own style in the kitchen,
– square hobs for linear or square layout
– professional in-line horizontal configuration
– domino for custom tailored solutions and modular versatility
– high performance induction technology