Space saving appliances – small appliances for the small Kitchen

The recent number of new designs for small appliances is the response to the growing demand from city dwellers, living in small kitchen sized apartments. When the space and time are at the premium, these savers come very handy.
Miele steam oven
This Miele steam oven is free standing and can be easily moved around even the smallest kitchen. With 3 trays, you can steam three different foods, making one combination dish or two or three separate dishes in the same time. Get a dinner while saving space, time and preserving your health too. Buy Miele space saving steam oven for £800 or $1,600 USD.

Deni digital food steamer
Deni wants you to save space and time, without sacrificing healthy cooking and eating habits. With this digital food steamer you can simultaneously steam a variety of foods for your complete meal. The price is only $80.

Danby countertop dishwasher
Countertop dishwashers are perfect for a small kitchen, and came a long way, featuring many attributes the full size dishwashers offer. Danby space saving countertop dishwasher has 4 cycles, 4 place settings, stainless steel interior, automatic rinse agent dispenser, and low water consumption. Buy on Amazon for $180.

Haier table top dishwasher
Perfect for singles, couples and even small families, this table top dishwasher from Haier is economical and will do the job. 4 place settings, 3 automatic wash cycles, detergent dispenser and electronic touch pad controls. Target sells this space saver for $160.

Japanese coffee-toast-egg maker
With this coffee-toast-egg maker, designed by Chuo Sangyo, you can have a toast, cook an egg or two, and make a coffee in the same time. This simple yet very clever cooker gives you a complete breakfast, saving space, time and money.

Oven toaster combo from LG
This space saving appliance nicely substitutes two separate ones. LG put together microwave oven and toaster, reducing countertop clutter. Toast your bread or bagels, while microwaving anything you want. Buy it for $130. As an alternative, check this LG combination microwave and coffee maker.

Egg and muffin toaster from Back to Basics
Cook your eggs any style, while toasting your favorite bagel. Poached eggs, steam-scrambled eggs and omelets can be made with this mini Egg and Muffin toaster. You can also boil up to 4 eggs at once in eight to ten minutes. All while saving space and money, as this egg cooker – toaster only costs $50.

Brew Express – in-wall coffee system by Lance Larkin
Now, this one is a truly smart appliance. The Brew Express installs directly into the wall, saving space and hassle, while brewing you perfect cup of coffee. The 12-cup built-in coffee maker hooks directly to the water supply, so all you need to do is to add coffee. Moreover, it also supplies you with two extra electrical outlets to plug other appliances. Buy Brew Express space saver for $400.

Coffee Padmachine from StudioMOM
This contemporary sleek design is also quite slim. Certainly, saving space wasn’t likely the top priority here, but in the end, the compact Padmachine has it as well.

Trudeau raclette non-stick indoor electric grill
With eight separate non-stick cooking pans in the lower portion of this space saver, you can cook eight different little dishes. The top level has a natural cooking stone to perfectly sear your food, and a removable, nonstick grill for steaks, seafood and vegetables. This Trudeau electric grill is available from Gourmet Kitchen for $100.