BEEM Nobilis Copper Style breakfast set

The Nobilis Copper Style series by BEEM consists of a compact 12-cup coffee maker, a practical 1.7 litre electric kettle and a slim 2-slot toaster. The breakfast appliances feature the blue display or the blue signal lamps that in combination with copper finish, creates beautiful design element. An aesthetically appealing and very functional Nobilis Copper Style breakfast series from BEEM.

Stainless steel housing kettle
– cordless, 360° rotation on its base
– 2.2 kW power for fast boiling
– 1.7 liter capacity
– overheating protection, heat insulating lid and handle
– centered water level indicator
– easy to clean, removable scale filter in the spout
– hidden heating element under the boiler
BEEM Nobilis Copper Style kettle is seen in stores for around € 42.
12-cup coffee maker
– electronic controls with 24-hour timer for delayed brewing
– energy saving light shut-off when the warming function is turned off
– 1.5 liter water tank with volume level indicator
– premium tempered glass pot with cup and volume scale, removable lid
– anti-drip function
– warming plate with auto-stop function
– removable filter holder with handle
BEEM Nobilis Copper Style coffee maker is seen in stores for around € 47.
2-slot toaster
– extra wide toast slots
– electronically controlled browning level setting
– 11 degrees of browning with 6 main levels
– defrost, warm up and stop function keys
– push-open crumb tray
– bun warmer
– automatic shut off
BEEM Nobilis Copper Style toaster is seen in stores for around € 50. Previously, Aromdepot grill express from Beem.

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