DeLonghi toaster oven – Metropolis

The new DeLonghi toaster oven, Metropolis is a heavenly creation. Every cook and retro-diva dreams of a kitchen filled with DeLonghi appliances. DeLonghi are well known for hard-working quality products with gorgeous styling. This DeLonghi toaster oven is no different. The Metropolis takes modern technology and convenience and imbue them with vintage charm and grace. The toaster oven is a curvy 40s inspired machine, that holds a strong presence in the kitchen. The steel vents matched with gun-metal paint is striking and sophisticated. The control switches are nifty, recalling WWII aviation controls. With streamlining details and the triple ridge base, it’s clear to see the influence of classic car design. This DeLonghi toaster oven is a fantastically designed toaster that highlights all the well loved details and character of vintage design. The price for Metropolis is only £60 or $114 USD.

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