Mahlkonig espresso grinders – professional single espresso grinder

Mahlkonig espresso grinders are famous for their unparalleled craftsmanship. With its proper German spelling – Mahlkönig, the company has been making nothing but grinders since 1924. The K 30ES is a single professional grade espresso grinder that combines innovative technical concept of espresso grinding with sharp European design. Mahlkönig designed this grinder with main idea of getting whole beans into the cup in the shortest possible way, and keeping the freshness and aroma to provide you with the most superior espresso. Unlike with most espresso and coffee grinders, the coffee beans don’t get ground into a storage and dosing chamber, but are freshly ground on demand. Other features include high precision cutting discs guaranteeing cool grinding, exact, consistent dosage and grind profile, 19 different grind settings, and an adjustable port-a-filter that fits all types of espresso machines. This professional single espresso grinder is also extremely quiet, and can be disassembled for cleaning in under a minute. Overall dimensions are W9.2″ x H21.8″ x D12.8″. The price is about $1,500 USD. Mahlkönig.