Arzum Okka Turkish coffee machine – one touch modern

Designed for the lovers of authentic Turkish or Greek coffee, Arzum Okka combines modern technology and traditional coffee preparation. The patented pending technology replicates the traditional way at the push of a button, brewing rich and foamy Turkish coffee, and pouring it directly into the cup.

A single coffee bean is usually cut into around 3,500 pieces for a standard espresso. For Turkish coffee, the same bean must be cut into between 15,000 and 35,000 pieces. Then the traditional Turkish coffee is brewed very slowly in tiny copper coffee pots and poured into the coffee cups. See Arzum Firrin toaster.
Arzum Okka features Lift to Brew and Direct to Cup systems, brewing traditionally ground Turkish coffee with sugar in the brewing chamber and then pouring it into one of the 3 available cup sizes. The Auto Boiling Temperature Detection system adjusts the ideal brewing temperature automatically. The self cleaning Arzum Okka also has a slow-brewing feature, which extends the brewing process to around 4 minutes.
The machine will be available this December for around € 250. Arzum.

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