Elektra Mini Verticale coffee machines

In case you are wondering, this is the semi-automatic retro coffee machine, Elektra Mini Verticale lever coffee machine in chrome. We have tried to get as much information as possible on these delightful pieces of Italian espresso art, but it is not easy. The Elektra Mini Verticale coffee machines are scaled down models of the Belle Epoque upright espresso makers, shown below and found in coffee houses and cafes throughout Italy and Europe. Especially sized and somewhat redesigned for home use, the Mini Verticale also comes in copper and brass finish. Wooden handle, chrome or brass eagle make them very retro stylish. The base diameter is only 320 mm or just under 12.625″, so it takes little space but weighs close to 30 lbs. According to the review we found on CoffeeGeek, this Electra has few negative points, mainly – no direct line to water, but a liter storage container, the drip plate and reservoir are pain to clean, and if you ever have to reset the pressure switch, then you really going to feel the pain. Well, if you have at the very least about $1,800 USD or €1500 to spend, depending on where you live, those negatives are rather minor nuisances comparing with the beauty of this machine and the knowledge that you are one of the very few who dared to own one. Available in 7 voltages – 240, 230, 220, 127, 120, 115 and 110 Volts. Italian Espresso Coffee machines from Elektra.

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