Breville Oracle espresso machine

Breville Oracle espresso machine, the BES980XL is the first automatic manual espresso machine that allows you to prepare some incredible coffee right at home. You can now get the quality similar to the one achieved by Third Wave movement of specialty coffee, driven by artisan roasters and professional coffee houses.

The Breville Oracle espresso machine solves all the tricky aspects of making the highest quality espresso coffee at home by automating the most difficult tasks – grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing.
The Oracle is equipped with the integrated grinder and rotary tamp for seamless dosing and tamping in one operation. The tamp chamber of this automatic manual espresso machine encloses the portafilter to contain any mess. The fixed height motorized augur fan distributes and tamps the grinds into the portafilter, ensuring the correct volume of coffee is provided for each and every drink. All while a special torque sensor measures the resistance of the compacted grinds and automatically stops the operation at the ideal tamp force.
The milk texture is very important for a true coffee connoisseur and need to be adjusted for different drinks, from silky-smooth less textured latte to creamy more textured cappuccino. The automatic milk texturing system employs a dedicated pump that injects air directly into the steam, creating milk texture with the wand immersed in any position. The electronically controlled pump allows the air / steam ratio to be adjusted for different drink styles. A sensor in the wand stops the flow of air / steam when the desired milk temperature is reached.
Designed with the US consumers in mind, Breville Oracle features the one touch Long Black / Americano – just the coffee you get with your drip filter coffeemaker but of much superior quality without over extracted bitter and burnt flavour.
At the heart of this espresso machine is a dual stainless steel boiler heating system and embedded element group head featuring electronic Proportional Integral Derivative temperature control, ensuring the entire coffee making process maintains a precise consistent temperature and delivers the espresso shot within +/- 2°F. See Breville Dual Boiler espresso machine.
To make a perfect espresso you also need a near perfect pressure control. The Oracle dedicated espresso boiler temperature is adjustable for different bean roasts and origins. The separate steam boiler offers instant powerful steam on demand allowing coffee extraction and milk texturing simultaneously. Programmable low pressure pre-infusion gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction.
The Breville Oracle espresso machine combines the taste benefits of an artisan manual machine with the simplicity of an automatic. Price is $2,000. Breville.

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