90cm gas cooktops from Britannia

This 90cm gas cooktop from Britannia comes with 4 round burners with electronic ignition for each burner, a central fish burner and heavy duty cast iron pan supports in anti-acid matte finish enamel. The Sigma cooktop provides power and flexibility with one 4.3kW triple ring gas burner, one 3.1kW fish gas burner, large 2.6kW gas burner and two small gas burners 1.7kW each. Measuring H60 x W88 x D51 cm, this stainless steel Britannia built-in gas cooktop is priced at £720. Optional ribbed steak griddle. LPG convertible.
Gas cooktops with 4 round burners and a central Chef Top are quite popular, and this Britannia cooktop features conveniently located front controls, heavy duty cast iron pan supports in matte enamel finish and 4 gas burners with electronic ignition. The triple ring gas burner has 4.3kW of power, while large 2.6kW gas burner and powerful 3.1kW Chef Top give you plenty of cooking options. Two smaller gas burners, 1.7kW each are perfect for simmering. Stainless steel, optional griddle. LPG convertible. The price is £650. Excellent gas cooktops from Britannia.

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