Elica range hoods – 2012 new models

The latest hoods from Elica, the new 2012 ventilation hoods offer several intriguing designs and the latest extraction technolgy.

35CC was just born and already has an honorable mention from the 2012 Red Dot Design Award. Designed by Fabrizio Crisà, Elica 35CC is the new range hood that breaks the mould in the kitchen. Its shape and colour distinguish a design object with a technological heart, in full Elica style. The shape is the result of the intersection of two ‘C’-shaped shells, one external, aesthetic and coloured that joins to another that is functional, made using smooth or perforated steel, forming an original cube measuring just 35cm.The hood is small and compact but ensures high extraction performance. The extraction surface covers three sides, offering surprising performance in capturing fumes. A concentrate of formal research and efficiency, 35CC is a product with a powerful appeal that combines functionality and versatility with different types of extraction- perimeter or with macro-perforated stainless steel.
The range includes island or wall-mounted versions and filter or extraction mode installation. With the wall mounted extraction version, you can choose between an elegant stainless steel flue and the bracket, which enables back aspiration if the vent hole is positioned at the rear of the product.
The colour choice of the outer shell varies according to the type of extraction – in the Evoque perimeter extraction version, you can choose from white, orange, taupe and lilac. In the Dynamique direct extraction through stainless steel holes version, the colours available are red, black, yellow and green. It is also possible to customise the 35CC with the desired extraction surface thanks to special accessory kits – stainless steel micro perforated panel, white, black and stainless steel perimeter panel.
The high efficiency lighting is provided by four LEDs, with a total of 12 W, ensuring an intense light on the hobs. The extraction and lighting features are controlled by an innovative electronic touch control. The result is a distinctive product with a strong character, sought after with its simple and decisive design, able to enhance the kitchen environment. 35CC is the Elica product in which design, attention to detail and the reliability of the brand come together masterfully.
70CC doubles dimensions and forms a new product family, researched with simple and efficient design, distinctive and versatile for its modes of installation, able to enhance the kitchen environment. The Elica hoods have been created as an extension of the 35CC and with the desire to have an extremely high performing product that is versatile as regards installation and visually easy to understand.
Designed by Giulio Iacchetti and Riccardo Diotallevi, the Eccentrica System is a surprising hood, a complete system to extract vapours from the kitchen and take them outside, wherever the fume vent hole is in the wall. A product composed of pure forms, a flat cylinder, reminiscent of the archetypal form of the sieve, set apart from another cylinder, similar to a tambourine, located near the vent hole, hiding the extraction motor, and finally a line connecting the cylinders – i.e. the thin piping with a rectangular section that conveys the air to the motor.
On the wall, above the hobs, the sieve/hood separates the air from the fat through a round, metal, dishwasher safe filter. The air is then evacuated through the appropriate piping, moved by a powerful motor positioned away from the hobs, to the benefit of safety and quietness. A linear path for the air, which can be extended as required, adaptable to all situations and architectural difficulties, to reach the fume outlet wherever it may be, from the stove wall to the adjacent ones, until reaching the ceiling. The sieve has a handy spoon holder, convenient for hanging up cooking utensils. Furthermore, the low-energy fluorescent light contained in it not only ensures bright lighting for the cooking surface, but also directs the light output upwards, contributing to lighting the kitchen environment.
Eccentrica System is the intelligent solution to the very common problem of vent holes not being aligned with the hobs. The hood develops its piping in a variable, customisable manner, overcoming corners by means of simple elbows and extending linearly thanks to the telescopic nature of the duct. Eccentrica System can be designed to suit your needs with one of four solutions, each capable of solving different problems to reach the vent hole in the wall, thanks to its – eccentricity off axis – distance – position and location. Eccentrica System, the design of the need to extract, addresses and solves the problem of architectural barriers between the vent hole and the hobs in a simple manner, to the benefit of clean air in the kitchen.
Designed by Fabrizio Crisà, Up is a system that integrates perfectly into a suspended ceiling, composed of different modules for capturing air and illumination, connected to a remote motor system. The modules, which are perfectly coplanar with the suspended ceiling, allow the plaster sheet to be attached directly to into predesigned profile. In the designing of internal spaces, it is now possible to plan a composition of one or more modules of Up above the cooking surface. The base model has a vent for perimeter aspiration and a panel of the same material as the suspended ceiling can be applied to the inside, allowing for the integration of the system. It is possible to choose another type of module, again with a vent for perimeter aspiration and with the internal part in steel or with a luminous ceiling and fluorescent lamps.
The suction system is ideal for kitchens within living rooms, offering simplicity, silence and aspiration efficiency. The grease filter within the module, concealed by the material of the suspended ceiling, by the stainless steel panel or by the luminous ceiling, is removable for cleaning. In case the architectural structure prevents the possibility of installing an external motor and relative air extraction, the system can be installed in filtering mode with a recirculation vent to insert into the ceiling or in an adjoining wall. In this case, the carbon filters that are positioned above the grease filters can be dismantled and substituted easily.
Elica Tiffany by Fabrizio Crisà is the innovative vertical hood that emphasises essentiality, giving a modern interpretation to the rules of simplicity. Synthesis of contemporary values – style, technology, innovation. An object with a simple composition – a single element, the elegant front panel with rounded corners that conceals a high performance technological core. The panel is a new system with a cavity that captures the air conveyed from the entire perimeter. A surprising extraction system that develops in the thickness of the panel and extends for a length of 3 metres, capturing cooking fumes and vapours from any point. Tiffany, made using white glass, black glass or Sile stone, has a revolutionary infrared control interface, positioned at the side so that the extraction and lighting features can be managed with a simple touch. In perfect harmony with the panel, the command completes and enhances the product design.
The reduced electrical consumption related to the motorisation and LED lighting makes Tiffany ready for future inclusion in the Class ‘A’ energy category. Tiffany is also versatile in installation in filtering or extracting mode or with back aspiration, the system that rotates the motor enabling the fumes to evacuate at the rear of the product. Careful attention to detail, choice of materials and the innovative extraction system make Tiffany a contemporary product that looks to the future
Air Switch
Elica Air Switch by Design Fabrizio Crisà , has become guarantor of the quality of air in the kitchen, the heart of the home. Air Switch is much more than a range hood – it is a modular hood that suctions, filters and purifies the air. All of this with a simple gesture – a rotation of the command controls the features that change the position of an air vent and of three specific high efficiency filters.
When it is necessary to eliminate intense cooking fumes and vapors, it is possible to select the mode of extraction, sending the fumes and vapors outside of the living quarters. For brief cooking times, it is possible to activate the recirculation mode in which the vent closes the main pipe, directing air to the anti-odor carbon filter where it is cleaned and integrated back into the room. This feature allows the purified air to remain within the house, maintaining the benefits of air-conditioning and heating.
Air Switch guarantees well being even outside the context of cooking, becoming a modular air purifier in two different ways. The first feature associates the efficiency of the anti-odor filter to the HEPA filter, which eliminates noxious agents such as bacteria and dust mites from the air. Wellness is the second feature, which unites a special filter composed of a natural antibacterial substance extracted from green tea leaves to the HEPA filter. It is possible to leave Air Switch working at low speed for the entire day, obtaining an elevated level of air purification. The topic of illumination is treated with high attention – energy-efficient LED lights allow excellent visibility for cooking.
Belt is the new Elica vertical hood, synonymous with the integration of functionality and design, perfect for dynamic and innovative home environments. A harmonious blend of two geometric entities, Belt is composed of a tilted bottom panel, overlapped in the middle by a horizontal element in relief. The product of Fabrizio Crisà creativity, this hood offers not only elegant lines and soft shapes, but excellent ergonomics that leave freedom for movement when preparing food with the head saver profile that means the kitchen can be used to the full without the fear of accidental bumps.
The central element made of polished steel conceals the extraction source, contrasted in the base panel made from brushed steel or black or white glass with rounded corners. Compared to the elegant black or white glass version, the appearance is edgier in the steel on steel version, where this material gives the product austerity. The central panel on runners is removable so it is easy to access to the removable metal grease filter to wash it and the removable carbon filter. The function control is activated with a capacitive touch control and just a light tap activates both extraction and the halogen lighting. The hood is available in 55 cm and 80 cm versions, so you can choose the size that best suits your kitchen. Belt, with its soft lines, embraces the air of your kitchen.
From Fabrizio Crisà, comes Capitol – the evolution of the vertical hood, an elegant combination of materials and shapes, with painstaking attention to detail. The micro-perforated steel element emerges like a wave from the glass or steel surface with rounded corners. A characteristic horizontal wave that gives a mixture of retro and modern touches to the object, capturing fumes and vapours.
The wave ends with an exclusive, easy-to-use command. Capitol, a total design product which is exceptional value for money, ensures optimum extraction capacity regulated by a rotating electronic command with speed indication colour change. Its elegance and sophistication make Capitol a hood suitable for all furnishing styles, available in black or white glass or stainless steel. Capitol is the Elica solution for those seeking high performance levels and a distinctive design.
Filo is presence-absence, the innovative built-in Elica hood. Current product designed for total symbiosis with the wall unit above the hobs, Filo is the result of careful study of the dimensions adapting to the different design solutions of the furnishings. The perimeter extraction system ensures better performance than similar hoods, making it possible to increase the rate at which cooking fumes are captured while reducing the noise level at the same time.
Filo by Fabrizio Crisà is the new Elica hood that makes it possible to make best use of the volume available inside the wall unit, offering valuable, carefully-designed shelving to ensure you always have ingredients to hand. Made of stainless steel and stylish white glass, this hood has unique, intuitive electronic control. The extraction intensity, indicated by a special indicator light, is easily adjusted with a slight rotation. Lighting is activated with a gentle touch. Filo, available in an extraction or filter version, is not only ideal for optimising space but also for saving energy – LED lighting provides an effective beam of light towards the hob.
Plié, a new concept by Elica for the built-in market, is the unedited evolution of the built-in range hood that is now also telescopic, integrating perfectly into the structure of wall cupboards, in line with trends in kitchen design. Made in stainless steel and glass, Plié is completely hidden within the cabinet – with a light push on the lower part of the product, it comes out of the cupboard, ready to extract fumes and vapors. This product differentiates itself from the classic built-in range hood – it comes closer to the cooking surface to better extract vapors and it expands horizontally with a clear glass veil to best channel air into the filter. Additionally, the glass veil protects the cupboards, guaranteeing maximum hygiene in the kitchen without affecting visibility during the preparation of food.
Plié is installed 55cm from the cooking surface and it is the only disappearing telescopic range hood equipped with a frontally-positioned command interface with touch control technology, which allows one to regulate the aspiration features and halogen illumination. Technological and functional innovation, Plié aims to be the precursor to new shapes and movements within the built-in and architectural worlds.
Sweet is the reinterpretation of the classic icon of the chimney hood. The techno polymer construction creates smooth lines that soften the forms and create harmony in an object that will stand the test of time and can now be adapted to any kitchen environment. Painstaking attention is paid to every detail of Sweet, from the materials to the finishes – a thin, polished steel line helps the hood stand out, enhancing the curved, harmonious forms. The elegant perimeter extraction system makes it possible to increase the speed with which cooking fumes are captured, improving effectiveness. The illuminated capacitive commands, positioned at the front, adjust the extraction and lighting features.
The lighting is characterised by a LED strip light, which ensures strong intensity over the hobs, so as to ensure excellent visibility and the best possible lighting for food preparation. The 86 cm hood is available in white, dove grey, light blue, ivory, orange and green. Sweet is the evolution of memory forms, a reinterpretation of the hood into a functional object to decorate various types of kitchen
Designed by Fabrizio Crisà, Elica Shell is the innovative multi-functional hood that combines air and light. An original product that enhances the space, suspended from the ceiling above the hobs, ensuring excellent air filtration and perfect lighting. Shell is composed of a white shell with a diameter of 80cm and elegant frosted curved glass which diffuses the light evenly. The inside of Shell conceals the powerful technology for filtering the air, conveyed by a perimeter extraction system which enables an increase in the speed of capturing cooking fumes, preventing them from circulating in the kitchen.
The Elica range hood comes with a handy remote control to control the extraction power and lighting from a distance. The lighting system is characterised by fluorescent lamps that provide excellent light diffusion over the island worktops. The simple shape and extraordinary attention to detail create an object with a marked personality, able to add prestige and create an atmosphere in any environment. Shell, an elegant blend of light and air.
Tangram is the new Elica range hood born from the collaboration with Ludovica + Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini. They started with the idea of breaking down volume into functional elements to then reassemble them creating new compositions each time. The inspiration came from Tangram – the extremely old Chinese game that allows to create infinite figures utilizing seven parts of a square. Tangram is a micro-architecture that exceeds the technical and aesthetic limits of the traditional range hood.
Flexible and multi-faced, like a geometric game, Tangram adapts itself to the different needs of users and their furnishings. Each constitutive element can in fact be positioned as one likes – adaptable compositions are created in this way, based on the structure of the kitchen and on the daily use of the range hood. In the installation phase, the vent can be mounted in diverse positions according to the layout of the kitchen. The user can interact with the elements that make up the range hood, from the luminous light sources to accessories for utensils: each part can be placed in different positions according to the specific needs of the person who is cooking.
Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, Bluebell is the English name for Campanula, the flower from which this product takes its inspiration. A cylinder expands to form the shape of a bell – simple, harmonious and elegant as designed by nature. Bluebell contains innovations that allow it to unite functional and aesthetic qualities, creating a product that is suitable for every kitchen style. The structure of the range hood is created with a special thermoplastic that can be molded into soft and perfect shapes. The efficiency of aspiration and filtration is guaranteed by the perimeter suction system and by the stainless steel micro-perforated grill.
The highly energy-efficient LED spotlight, which is integrated into the center of the range hood, guarantees excellent visibility for the preparation of food. The feature interface, which can be touch activated, has retro-illuminated commands that are simple and intuitive, leaving the sinuosity of the bluebell intact, enhancing the shape’s elegance. Bluebell ensures excellent performance in terms of the suction of cooking fumes and vapors thanks to the use of a new motor studied specifically for this product. High air capacity in smaller spaces and technology that leaves the planning free to create a light, essential and refined form. Bluebell liberates air from impurities and like a flower decoration, enhances the kitchen.
Elica Clip wall hood
Elica Skin

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