Jenn Air Accolade downdraft ventilation system

It takes a while for US appliance makers to catch up with the latest Euro design trends, but when they do, they often do an excellent job, and performance wise, exceed the best European manufacturers have to offer. The Jenn Air Accolade, the JXD7836BS telescopic arc-shaped ventilation system meets this description.

With its curved, sculptural profile, designed to place ventilation power as near as possible to the cooking source, Jenn Air Accolade, at least design wise, is the closest downdraft ventilation system to the unforgettable Gutmann Futura, which was introduced in 2007. We can only think of 3 other somewhat curved downdraft designs – Sirius SDD4, Lux Air LA 80 TRIF DWN and Viking EVIPR900R. Needless to say, none of the 3 downdrafts were marketed to the US consumers.
The 36″ Accolade downdraft system has a high performance yet very quiet, pressure stabilizing 4-speed inline blower that removes cooking smoke at a rate of up to 1,200 cubic feet per minute. High flow speed at the edge of the hood helps to prevent smoke from escaping into the kitchen, even at low motor levels.
The Accolade features dishwasher safe mesh filters, a magnetic filter attachment, 3-position duct, auto shutoff when retracted and a timer for automatically turning off the blower. Also, this downdraft hood rises a full 19″ or over 48 cm to effectively ventilate cooking vapors from all types of cookware – from shallow saute pans to tall stockpot.
The Accolade ventilation system from Jenn Air can be operated either by pressing a button on the system itself or using the provided remote control. Its sleek, slim profile design is enhanced with ambient lighting, concealed controls and discreet LED lighting that indicates fan speed and provides an alert when filters require cleaning. Price is around $6,000.

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