New island hood by Best of Broan with Intelligent LinkLogic communication technology

The newest addition to the Best line of kitchen ventilation products, the IP29 professional island range hood offers an elegant combination of form and function that sets this hood apart from the typical professional style range hood. Designed for use indoors, the IP29 hood feature a seamless welded design which creates a flawless appearance and a professional grade stainless steel finish which gives it lasting quality. Available in 42″ and 54″ widths, the hood offers several internal and exterior blower options. A powerful 600 or 1,200 CFM internal blower can be installed with an option of stainless steel flue or custom soffit design. And if you are looking for the ultimate in quiet and power, the IP29 Broan range hood allows the choice of four in-line and four exterior blower options with up to 1,100 CFM and 1,500 CFM respectively.
The IP29 series is the first range hood to offer the LinkLogic System which uses the INSTEON platform to allow you to communicate with other enabled products in your home. With LinkLogic you can also have optional remote control device to operate the range hood. No additional wiring is required. This hood also comes with the Automatic Sensor Control feature for added convenience and efficiency. ASC detects the vapors from cooking activity and controls the hood automatically to achieve the exact level of exhaust, for exactly the correct amount of time, minimizing energy consumption. Other features include six or eight halogen lamps, advanced LCD display electronic push button control with last setting memory so it remembers your favorite blower speed, air-refresh setting that silently removes stale air, and multiple speed and light settings to meet your exact needs. Best by Broan. More Broan Hoods.

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