Belling db range cookers – modern style ranges

Belling db range cookers have a distinctly classic look that will compliment a wide variety of modern and stylish kitchens while giving each a sleek and minimal feel. The Belling db line of range cookers consists of five unique models that come in a choice of dual fuel, gas, or electric. The db900E is a 91.5cm wide electrical range cooker. This ceramic hob has 4 fastlite elements and a warming zone, as well as two ovens – a multifunctional main electrical oven with a dual grill and a conventional secondary oven. A storage compartment with a pull out drawer is a convenient feature of the db900E, as are the removable doors which make cleaning easy, and the easy to read LED display/programmer. The Belling db900DF is the 91.5cm wide dual fuel model, with similar features as the db900E, including an electrical main oven and a conventional secondary oven, storage compartment drawer, removable doors, and LED display. However, the db900DF gas hob has five burners including a wok burner and a mini wok burner – a perfect choice for stir-fry enthusiasts. The db1000G is a 100cm wide gas range cooker also with five burners, a wok burner and mini wok burner, as well as the other basic features of the db900E and db900DF. In addition to these features, the db1000G also has 2 conventional gas ovens, the main of which contains a variable electric grill. This model is also available with a smooth stainless steel finish. The db1000E a 100cm wide electrical range cooker which, aside from being slightly wider, has identical features to the db900E. One exception is that the db1000E comes in a stainless steel finish. The db1000DF is the final model in this line with features similar to the db900F, except that this model is larger, with an overall width of 100cm. Check out previous Appliancist models for more Belling range cookers. Belling.

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