Fagor range cooker collection

The new stainless steel European style range cooker collection from Fagor runs on both natural gas and Liquefied Petroleum. These powerful ranges can be installed seamlessly flush to the kitchen cabinetry or placed free standing. They are designed with a European convection fan system, which prepares your meals faster, and a built-in rotisserie feature for a unique in-home cooking experience.

Fagor stainless steel ranges are designed with cast iron grates, come in a 24″ and 36″ size option, are energy efficient, operating on only 15 amps of power and are engineered to perform for a lifetime. They have up to 5 gas burners, electronic ignition on all burners and flame failure safety device. The Fagor range cookers offer an efficient cooking option, allowing you the choice of using natural gas or LP gas.
LP gas is one of the most common alternative fuels used in the world. It is a cleaner, lower carbon, more efficient and innovative form of energy. Fagor supplies a converter kit for easy install. Fagor ranges can be installed directly next to existing kitchen cabinetry. For seamless integration, all Fagor ranges are equipped with adjustable legs, allowing for a perfectly leveled installation.
The range cookers are designed with 7 preset cooking programs, allowing for ultimate cooking convenience and making it easier to cook meals to perfection. Bake is recommended for baking bread and cakes, Pizza is used to cook pizza and other dishes requiring underside / bottom heating, Top Cooking is used for browning food after cooking, Broil is recommended for a quick, toasty broil, Convection Broil is uniquely designed for cooking large red meats, pot roasts and poultry. Turbo Plus works with built-in central fan heating element that distributes heat evenly and quickly and Defrosting is used to thaw frozen food in minimal time.
Fagor range cooker models feature unique rotisserie feature allows the range to be used in the most versatile manner possible. Imagine, creating deliciously succulent meats, perfectly seared on the outside, right in your own home.
The European style convection systems that are built into the ranges feature a unique third heating element that surrounds the convection fan, allowing for better circulation of preheated air for even distribution, thus allowing for faster cooking. Fagor 36″range is equipped with two convections systems, each one featuring 1,690 watt heating elements, for a total of 3,380 watts of power. Fagor stylish stainless steel trimmed ranges can be installed flush as it has adjustable legs for seamless assimilation.
Each range is built with 3 layers of insulated glass to keep the cooking area safe. In addition, they are all equipped with a thermocouple safety system, sealed burners and an easy to clean enamel interior. It also has a built-in timer that is programmable for up to 11 hours and 59 minutes. Fagor.

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