New SmartCool refrigerators from Bosch

The new Bosch SmartCool refrigerators boast ‘A++’ or ‘A+++’ efficiency ratings, offering 50% to 60% better efficiency than ‘A’ and ‘A+’ rated refrigerators. Such high efficiencies are attained with a help of intelligent electronic controls, innovative insulation and sealing, NoFrost technology and the latest Bosch LowFrost technology employed by the freezer evaporator. There are several configurations of SmartCool fridge freezers and consumers will get ergonomics, convenience and performance, typically delivered by Bosch refrigerators. Depending on the model, features include ChillerBox, CrisperBox, DividerBox, adjustable glass shelves, foldable FlexShelf, bright interior LED lighting, programmable touch control panels, adjustable door racks and 180° door opening. Bosch.


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