Compact refrigerator

Sharper Image compact refrigerator is the Hot+Cold Mini Fridge, offers quite a bit in a very compact package. Designed with environmentally friendly Peltier Effect electronics, the compact refrigerator is clean, quiet and functional. It works without liquid refrigerants, motors or condensation. This compact refrigerator is stylish and can be used at home or on the road cooling your wine, sandwiches and whatever else you can fit in. What’s more it can heat and keep hot your pizza or anything else with the built-in miniature heat pump that instantly reverses the flow of electricity, and because of the Peltier Effect, quickly warms the interior. Slide-out shelf, two storage racks on the door and a built-in carry handle, AC and DC adapters. Dimensions are H17″ x W11″ x D12.5″. The price for the compact refrigerator is $100.

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