LG Multi Door fridge freezer

The new LG premium multi door fridge freezer, the GMJ916NSHV makes it easier to reach frequently consumed food and beverages in the refrigerator, while reducing the amount of cold air that escapes from the main refrigerator compartment by up to 41%, thanks to LG innovative and very convenient door-in-door design.

This particular multi door fridge freezer likely won’t be sold in the US or Canada, so in North America you will have to do with either Dacor 4-door fridge freezer or Samsung T9000 French four-door refrigerator – both are excellent choices. And there are several LG Door-in-Door refrigerators to select from.
The LG GMJ916NSHV offers superb energy savings, because of its advanced inverter linear compressor, that employs a straight piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive, resulting in less internal friction, higher reliability, greater durability with less noise. The mulit door fridge freezer also carries energy grade rating of ‘A+++ -20%’, making it one of the most efficient refrigerators on the market.
The fridge freezer is equipped with LG Smart Storage System – the result of a thinner wall insulation which improves internal capacity. Furthermore, the central partition typically found in 2-door refrigerators is gone, allowing the refrigerator to create even more usable food and beverage storage space. In addition, the Smart Storage System space management technology improves storage separation, helping you to organize the contents in more convenient ways.
The LG Total No Frost system comes with Intelligent Air Management functionalist for Fresher Food for even cooling throughout the interior. Thanks to the Multi Air Flow system, cool air is circulated through multiple vents, ensuring efficient cooling at an even temperature throughout. And LG unique Pure N Fresh air filtration system employs a powerful fan to remove odors while at the same time introducing purified air through fresh air flow channels, ensuring that food stays fresh longer. LG.

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