Panasonic fridge freezer

Retailing at around £850, there’s no question that the NR-B30FX-1 is one of the more expensive fridge freezers on the market. However, it’s also one of the best, and boasts so many innovative special features that the NR-B30FX-1 is easily worth the money. Furthermore, despite being a frost-free unit, which usually means it’s less environmentally friendly, this Panasonic fridge freezer is the first to be awarded an ‘A++’ Energy Efficiency rating. Fridge freezers are the average household most power intensive appliance, so the energy conscious design of the NR-B30FX-1 will save you a great deal of money in the long run.

To achieve the NR-B30FX-1 excellent functionality, Panasonic haven’t sacrificed aesthetic considerations. The fridge freezer has been designed to look sleek, sophisticated and contemporary, and succeeds on all three counts. The stainless steel casing features a special coating that prevents greasy finger prints, which keeps it looking as good as new for as long as possible. As well as a gripless handle and reversible hinging, the door also sports a built in child lock, which makes sure it can’t be tampered with by curious kids. And best of all, when the door is closed, you can barely hear it hum – you practically have to press your ear against the door to hear any sound at all.
Turning to the interior of the NR-B30FX-1, both the fridge and freezer compartments are more spacious than you might think. Although the this Panasonic fridge freezer is only 60cm wide, and is split roughly 70/30 between fridge and freezer, the latter section still has enough room to store a large amount of frozen goods. Ultimately, anyone buying a 70/30 fridge freezer will be placing priority on the fridge section anyway, but freezer compartment of the NR-B30FX-1 is still remarkably large. This is mostly down to the frost-free design, which means that with no icy build up, all the interior space is kept free for your food.
However, the fridge section of the NR-B30FX-1 is its crowning glory, and impresses on a number of different levels. For starters, the compartments are incredibly well designed. The vegetable compartment has two levels, enabling you to separate delicate vegetables from heavier, more durable produce. The interior sports a couple of removable bottle racks, while the inside of the door also features a removable butter dish, allowing you to create more vertical room if required. Despite the wonderful design however, the best thing about the fridge section is the technology on show. There are multiple temperature zones, which mean you can keep vegetables cool in one section, while super-chilling drinks in another. The interior boasts Hygiene Active technology, which eliminates almost all unwanted bacteria, while the vegetable compartment is also home to Vitamin-Safe technology, which prolongs the storage life of your fresh produce.
Ultimately, Panasonic NR-B30FX-1 may be a pricey fridge freezer, but you won’t regret the initial outlay once you start appreciating the many benefits. Very few fridge freezers manage to balance energy efficiency with spacious design and technical superiority, but with the NR-B30FX-1, Panasonic have succeeded on all three counts.

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