L’Equip VISOR – natural food processor

Keep all the vitamins and nutrients intact with the natural food processor, L’Equip Visor. Fruits and vegetables are ground slowly and gently, at 100 revolutions per minute, releasing the all important nutrients from the vegetable fibers using VISOR’s masticating action. There are no high friction, heat and oxidation, all of which are often present in other food processors. To put it shortly, your food stays healthy and nutritious with this processor. One of the quietest and easiest-to-clean processors, L’Equip Visor features automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing, and can also be used to make ice-creams and sorbets from frozen fruits, nut butters, sprouted bread from grinding sprouted grains, and pastas or noodles from your own dough. Previously, L’Equip 228 R.P.M. blender.

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