Hurom slow juicer

Hurom HF-SBF06 is made of the highest quality stainless steel, which in addition to good looks helps reduce noise while in operation, making this already quiet low speed juicer practically silent. Unlike the high speed rotating blenders or juicers, Hurom HF-SBF06 slowly squeezer fruits and vegetables, preserving natural flavors and ingredients.

Using Hurom patented Slow Squeezing Technology, the slow juicer combines the low speed squeezing with innovative Mix function of the fitted juice cap, delivering up to 35% more juice and keeping up to 60% more vitamins, while resulting in incredibly full flavor that meets your exact taste. You can even customize how much pulp you get.
The slow masticating electric juicer employes its 2-stage low speed system to first crush the fruits or vegetables, then press it to ensure the highest juice yield without aerating the juice. You can use Hurom HF-SBF06 with everything, including nuts, berries, bananas, apples, wheat grass, soybeans, oranges, etc.
The Hurom slow juicer is also equipped with special safety sensor, that only allows machine to operate if it detects that everything is good to go. Easy to clean. Come with 2 jugs, cleaning brush and chute cover. Seen in stores for around £400. Hurom.

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