Dual pizza oven – 90 second pizza oven

The stainless steel 1.5 Minute Dual Pizza Oven is the double deck pizza oven that cooks two 12″ fresh pizzas in mere 90 seconds. Faster than any delivery and you don’t have to tip. It is also 15 times faster than a traditional oven cooking. This dual countertop pizza oven quickly heats to 797° F, which is 150° F higher than most professional pizza ovens, resulting in pizzas with crisp yet tender crusts. Capable of cooking frozen pizzas as well, this powerful 90 second pizza oven decks have roof-mounted 1,440 watt coil heating elements to ensure perfectly baked cheese and toppings, while the ceramic pizza stones distribute heat evenly across the dough and absorb excess moisture, resulting in faster cooking times and a crispier crust than pizza cooked on a sheet tray. Each independently controlled oven has temperature range from 200° F to 797°F, and the tempered glass windows allow you to monitor cooking progress. Equipped with dual 30-minute timers and slide-out, stainless steel racks for easy insertion and removal. The price for this dual pizza oven is $250.

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