Rommelsbacher raclette grills

These Swiss designed raclette grills from Rommelsbacher stand out with the elegant finish and robust performance. Both the RCC 1500 and RCC 1000 feature beautiful chrome finish, convenient heat insulated handles which allow to carry your raclette grill when hot, and step-less temperature regulator with red LEDs.

The ribbed grill plate is excellent for meat, sausages, scampi, fish, vegetables. Ideal for low fat grilling, searing and roasting, these Rommelsbacher raclette grills also make perfect steaks. The pans and the die cast aluminum grill plate are non-stick coated and easy to clean. And if you stop grilling for a bit, the pans not in use can be placed in the integrated parking level, a non heated area of the grill.
The Rommelsbacher RCC 1000 comes with 4 pans, 4 spatulas and sells for around € 110, while the RCC 1500 raclette has 8 pans, 8 spatulas and is available for approximately € 140.
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