Diva de Provence rotisserie

Meat connoisseurs have long acknowledged spot roasting as the perfect way to prepare natural and healthy food, sealing in juices for tender and mouth-watering results. The rotisserie from Diva de Provence is designed to bring the art of rotisserie cooking to your kitchen with its sleek and easy to use unit. Made from an attractive mix of stainless steel, cast iron and enamel with copper or brass accents, such gas rotisserie makes an attractive decorative piece in addition to providing the ability to roast a variety of beef, veal, lamb, poultry, seafood, fish and game. The twin size compact hearth is 18.5 inches wide to accommodate two horizontal spits for medium size poultry each, or two vertical spits for small poultry. The horizontal spot drive motor speed is 3.3 rpm, while the vertical spit drive is 5 rpm. Each rotisserie comes with 1 horizontal flat spit, 1 horizontal V-shaped spit, 2 vertical spits, 1 stainless steel removable drip tray and 1 chain set. Available options include horizontal “English” roast spit, vertical sausage spit, carousel with four vertical shish-kebab spits, lobster basket and fish rack. The base price for this Diva de Provence rotisserie is around $9,700. Previously, La Cornue Flamberge built-in rotisserie.

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