Dyson washing machine – 2-drum wash action

Dyson washing machine, the Contrarotator (CR01) has unique 2-drum wash action. By implementing 2 drums rotating in opposite directions, Dyson claims that fabric is flexed much more than in conventional washing machine. This results in the “cleanest wash, largest load, fastest time”. Energy efficient, the Contrarotator has interlocking double doors, child lock, coin and button trap, wipe-able control panel, and hygienic long-life seal. The Contrarotator drums have just under 5,000 perforations, compared to only 945 perforations found in conventional single drum washers. The door is made from the polycarbonate material used for police riot shields and crash helmets to prevent dents. There is also a retractable handle on the bottom that pulls out to easily move the machine. Control panel is conveniently located and is easy to use. 3 soil level options are available. Dyson makes the Contrarotator in 5 models. Some models come with Flowcheck that shuts the washing machine down if leak is detected, and memory function that recalls most often used programs. Overall dimensions are W60 x D58 x H85 cm or 23.62″ x 22.83″ x 33.46″. The price range is from £1,000 to £1,200 or $1,876 to $2,252. Dyson.

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