Contemporary firepit – La Hacienda Venezia

There is nothing quite like the meat cooked over a real fire. You can barbecue on this contemporary firepit, the La Hacienda Venezia or simply enjoy the view of flames, softly waving under the light breeze from the contemporary style firepit grill. A great way to bring heat and design to your garden, this stylish firepit grill is a modern day answer to the campfire and enables you to light up any location around the garden. Venezia comes with a chrome-plated swing grill that is easily attachable over the fire pit as you burn wood or coal, so delicious flame grilled burgers and sausages will be ready in no time. Sturdy cast iron construction with black finish and side handles. Should be available sometime in 2011 for approximately £200. Search other stores or check with La Hacienda.

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