Outdoor fire pits and fire pit tables – custom fire pit designs

You certainly need an outdoor fire pit table, either to keep hungry wolves away on a cold winter night, or to simply enjoy your fire pit design as the fire slowly moves under the light wind and its glow comforts you. Or simply having few beers with your friends around few outdoor fire pits somewhere in the woods can be very relaxing as well.
John T. Unger
There are many fire pit designs and these John T. Unger portable fire pits are just the ones I was thinking when mentioned friends, beer and outdoors. These outdoor fire pits are priced from $450 to under $1,000 USD, so you can get few of these custom fire pits and combine them in any design, form or shape, creating a nice, cozy and relaxed environment.
California Outdoor Concepts
The fire pit designs for a warmer climate are perfectly represented by the custom fire pit tables from California Outdoor Concepts. The Solana and LaCosta outdoor fire pits feature uniquely designed aluminum frames and 48″ custom finished granite table tops. Stainless steel BBQ grill, ice bucket and adapter ring allow you to use these fire pit tables in several ways. And when not in use, they serve as nice decorative pieces.
Several options including base color and type and colors of granite, and accessories are available to suit your individual taste and decor. Be prepared to spend from $2,000 to $4,000 for these good looking custom made outdoor fire pits.
The stunning Gracestone fire pit collection consists of 11 custom outdoor fire pits featuring reinforced concrete shell and stainless steel burners. Available in natural gas or liquid propane, each fire pit brings timeless beauty and will give you years of enjoyment. Each comes with lava rock, logs, and a custom cover.
The GemStone fire pit is the beautiful 18 inch high fire pit shaped as a 54 inch square, and is available with a large selection of granite tile from Dal-Tile for the table. The base comes in five colors. The price is $2,392 USD.
The Village Stone custom fire pit comes with sides of aged brick and a solid top in sandstone, presenting a very elegant design. The brick sides are available in Classic or Aged Brick. The price is $1,695.

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