Custom outdoor kitchens and kitchen islands

Custom outdoor kitchens let you be a chef outdoors – in your backyard, front yard or anywhere out on the open. The outdoor kitchen design varies greatly according to the tastes and needs of their owners. From freestanding barbecue tables to custom designed built-to-order professional kitchens, whatever you can afford and fit into your outdoor space, you will be able to find. Outdoor kitchens offer several advantages over conventional indoor cooking, with your guests and family involved in the cooking process and in the production of the meal. Certain foods types of barbecued meats, fish and curries generate lingering odors and better be cooked outdoors. And the views that your and yours can enjoy while eating are often priceless.
LaCosta granite fire-pit and patio table
The La Costa is a dining height, 29″, granite top multi function outdoor table with aluminum base. You can choose 48″ granite top and stainless steel BBQ grill, fire pit or cooler and adapter ring. Center tray is stainless steel for a long life, 1.25″ thick granite top available in several colors, 40,000 BTU heat rating. Base is powder coated for long lasting durability. Available in propane or natural gas. Price starts at $2,200.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens
Custom Outdoor Kitchens will design for you a complete outdoor cooking system, tailored exactly to your needs, and using the best available brands. The prices vary widely, depending on design and configuration.

Fogazzo Outdoor Kitchens
Fogazzo Outdoor Kitchens offer probably the most versatile range of outdoor cooking suites and systems. Depending on design its kitchens can range in price from $2,000 for a small counter with a simple grill to $30,000 or more for high-end versions incorporating such features like an outdoor fireplace and a roof.

Outdoor kitchen islands
Outdoor kitchen islands let you enjoy the nature and food with your family and friends. Whatever the scenery, your meals will have an unforgettable flavour and taste. And an outdoor kitchen island can be a great entertainment area.