Outdoor warming drawers – Lynx 30″ outdoor warming drawer

Once you’ve cooked your food, the Lynx outdoor warming drawers will keep it warm and fresh until you are ready to eat. Perfect for outdoor use, this 30″ warming drawer from Lynx has temperature settings ranging from 90° to 220°, allowing you to keep bread warm or to keep meat steaming hot. Moist and crisp settings also offer the versatility to maintain a desired texture. Two removable steam pans, lids, and steam racks provide the flexibility needed to warm a variety of different food types and amounts. This drawer is so versatile, in fact, that its concealed heating element allows it to be used as a towel or robe warmer – perfect for patios by the pool. It is durable and looks good too, with weather resistant stainless steel construction and Lynx signature polished highlights. This outdoor warming drawer is priced at $1,800 from Lynx.

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