Outdoor patio heater from SunStar

Imagine sitting outside your lake shore cabin sometime late fall. Glass of Merlot, loons and woodpeckers, yellow maple leafs complimenting lush evergreens around you. Warm coziness provided by your outdoor patio heater makes you feel good. You walk around patio refilling your glass. Still nice and warm as this SunStar infrared heater gives you full 360 degree of warmth. Leisurely you put your glass in one of four cup holders in the heater base. Looking at the stainless steel finished model that you thought was a rip off at $450, it occurs to you that less expensive black and silver painted one you considered, wouldn’t fit right into surrounding. May be you pick another patio heater for your uptown condo to put on a balcony. Hell, even your bookish neighbor can spend time outdoor sometimes as the heater pushes the 40,000 BTU of heat in 20′ diameter circle. For the price of just under $360, it is a bargain. Well time to go, thanking portable wheel kit, you easily roll outdoor patio heater in the corner, shutting off matchless piezo ignition system and making a mental note to pick up few 20 lbs. gas cylinders in a nearest hardware store.