European vintage appliances – Rosieres traditional line of vintage appliances

The vintage appliances are tremendously popular around the world, but Rosieres is one of a few companies which offer almost complete line of retro and vintage kitchen appliances. One of the most innovative European appliance manufacturers, Rosieres combines vintage design with the most advanced technologies available.
The New Bocuse dual fuel range cooker has two full size multifunction ovens and offers unique cooking flexibility, total practicality and outstanding performance capable of satisfying even the most demanding gourmet chefs – all with stunning appearance of authentic vintage appliances. The cast iron hob has 4 gas burners and brings 3 cooking options to the table. The powerful 4.5kW large gas burner is perfect for traditional or wok cooking. Cast iron griddle is excellent choice for rapid, tasty and healthy cooking. And cast iron hot plate “coup de feu” with graduated heat distribution is a firm favourite with many professional chefs. Complete with variable grill and rotisserie, the Bocuse offers several more cooking methods. Other features are fully integrated ignition, chrome knobs, Cool Touch glass door, 2 large storage drawers, thermostat and analog programmable clock with timer. In rustic black, the New Bocuse is the superb example of traditional vintage appliances, flawlessly blending modern technology with timeless retro style.
Rosieres vintage range hoods come in three sizes, 120cm, 90cm and 60cm wide. These beautifully crafted and traditionally looking vintage appliances feature stainless steel or enamelled plate finish and work in recirculation or ducted extraction mode. The 120cm model technical specifications are 186W 4-speed double fan motor with extraction flow rate of up to 700 m3/h, electronic soft touch LED controls, removable dishwasher-safe metal grease filter, 5 minutes intensive position automatic switch-off, LED indicators for metal grease and active charcoal filters saturation, and 3 halogen lights. With the noise level not exceeding 46 dBA, this range hood isn’t too loud. The 90cm and 60cm vintage hoods feature stainless steel or enamelled plate finish, recirculation or ducted extraction mode and brass finished frontal handle. 170W double fan motor with extraction airflow up to 650 m3/h, 3 speed push buttons control, removable dishwasher-safe metal grease filter and 2 lights. The noise level is 45 dBA.
The Rosieres traditional ovens are some of the sharpest looking we have seen. Available in catalytic and pyrolytic cleaning configurations, these multifunction vintage appliances have analog clock and program selector which as stylish and efficient as modern digital devices, helps in controlling the vintage ovens and shut them down, depending on selected cooking time. Pyrolytic cleaning offers the most efficient cleaning for little more than the price of a postage stamp. At about 500°C all unwanted splashes and stains go to ashes without any manual intervention. The cooking functions are natural convection, fan assisted cooking, variable grill, variable turbo grill, rotisserie and grill, confectionery, dish warming and defrost. Electronic probe for temperature detection, Rapid Heating option, double fan cooling system, 1 shelf with supports for the roasting tray, 1 plain shelf, 1 roasting tray and 2 baking trays make this vintage appliance a perfect choice.
The handsome and slimline vintage styled hob comes with retro metal knobs perfectly matching oven design, and is only 3cm or 1.18″ thick. 4 gas burners combine for over 8.6kW – burner the 3.2kW left front double ring burner, the 2.5kW right back rapid burner and the 2 remaining 1.45kW semi rapid burners. Double ring gas is highly controllable with one-touch electronic safety pilot. Smooth and stylish cast-iron pan supports made out of the durable cast-iron material, one touch ignition, removable enamelled steel pot stands, and enamelled cast-iron burner caps. Rosieres vintage appliances.