Electrolux Appliances – post KBIS thoughts

While attending KBIS 2008, I had an opportunity to see Electrolux Appliances up close and personal as well as meet Director of Design from Electrolux Major Appliances, Mr. Bob Martin, who in March, granted interview on then-upcoming collection. This time I got a private tour with Bob, and was able to see design details and hear ideas which put Electrolux apart from competition.
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Electrolux is a truly global appliance company with 4 independent but idea and experience sharing design centers for each region, located in Anderson of South Carolina, Pordenone of Italy, Curitiba of Brazil and Sydney, Australia. The constant communication among these centers helps to create appliances precisely tailored for a given regional market and consumer, while still borrowing valuable features and characteristics from the others. The design approach is that every concern and wish of consumer are considered, thought throughout and implemented more often than not.
All appliances from Electrolux match aesthetically, featuring deep blue color of the LED displays, and controls that work almost identically from one appliance to another. The beauty of the control design is that once you push a button, only the relevant next steps are displayed, eliminating any confusion.
The idea is to get you hooked and get the entire line. And believe me, by the time Bob finished his tour, I was about to get home, throw my appliances away and get the entire Electrolux line. I may as well do it, I just need to get another mortgage on my house. But seriously speaking, the craftsmanship and attention to detail combined with the purpose to satisfy every desire of American consumers are stunning. From very conveniently located controls on every undercounter built-in product to meticulous attention given to design of dishwasher baskets, to sturdy yet elegant cooker knobs, to unbelievably smooth ball bearing shelves which I haven’t seen at any other manufacturer, Electrolux Appliances delivers robust, simple and very eye-pleasing kitchen line.
One of the ideas which is quite nicely implemented throughout is the very minimum of exterior parts on everything from gas and electric rangetops to ice and water dispenser of refrigerators. To put it simple, there are no annoying gaps and unneeded extra parts, making cleaning and keeping new out-of-the-box look an easy task.
Appliances in white enamel look very attractive. Some of the best white finishes I have seen. Before I would never look at non-stainless steel appliances, at the very least they have to be in black, but the gorgeous, almost silky-rich white finish change my opinion on the spot. Bob kindly explained mechanics of how the texture and color are achieved, but you have to forgive me for forgetting it. And almost all Electrolux appliances featured on KBIS are made in the US.