LG Appliances new products for 2008

[KBIS 2008 Review]
LG Appliances introduced several redesigned and first-ever kitchen and laundry appliances on KBIS, offering new distinctive styling and innovative features for the US consumer and allowing design-conscious consumers to enhance the overall look of their kitchens and laundry rooms.
LG first four-door French door refrigerator, shown above, gives consumers the easy accessibility of a French door refrigerator with the organized storage space of two bottom-mount freezer drawers. Consumers can keep everyday frozen items in the top, readily-accessible freezer drawer while storing other, larger foods, in the bottom drawer. The refrigerator also features the tallest water and ice dispenser available, symmetrically contoured doors, hidden hinges and curved handles for a refined look. This refrigerator will be available in late May 2008 in a 25 cu. ft. capacity standard-depth model, and a 21 cu. ft. counter-depth model for suggested retail prices of $3,200 and $3,500 respectively.
LG Appliances expands its Energy Star rated French door refrigerator line. These refrigerators provide the broadest three-door offering in the US market, and come in multiple sizes with a variety of options, all with a beautifully redesigned interior. LG incorporates the extra tall vertical ice and water dispenser and SpacePlus ice system. The water dispenser also features a faster flow rate than previous models. The newly styled LG French-door refrigerators will be available in the second quarter of 2008. The 36″ wide stainless steel model will be priced from $2,800 to $3,100 depending on the depth, and the 33″ wide model pricing ranges from $2,200 to $2,500, depending on the exterior finish.
The 2008 Side-by-Side refrigerator comes with industry-leading features, including an extra tall water dispenser with Fast Fill and SpacePlus ice and water system, boasting an elegant new design with a sophisticated handle shape created for sleek, modern kitchens. LG Side-by-Side models will be available in the second quarter of 2008. Manufacturer suggested retail prices for these appliances will range from $1,200 to $1,700, depending on finish.
This new eye-catching pair of LG laundry appliances features a unique, sophisticated exterior design with a large square door for easier access. At 4.5 cu. ft. capacity LG now offers the largest front-load washer, matching it with 7.4 cu.ft. dryer, which is also among the largest available. Both are equipped with enhanced anti-vibration system which diminishes noise by reducing vibration in three directions – up and down, side to side and front to back. SteamWasher features TrueSteam Generator to produce real steam in the wash tub, Allergen-Reduction Cycle designed to reduce dust mites and pet dander on fabrics and Smart Washing System which monitors detergent levels, water hardness, temperature and water level, automatically adjusting the settings to provide for optimal washing and rinsing using a patented Smart Sensor. SteamDryer features unique SteamSanitary to quickly sanitize dry clothing, blankets, towels and bedding, SteamFresh to reduce wrinkles and freshen clothing in a large load of garments, ReduceStatic to neutralizes static electricity in normal loads by introducing steam during the final five minutes of the drying cycle and EasyIron to evenly and lightly moisten the dryer load prior to the end of the cycle for easier and more efficient process. The new laundry pair from LG Appliances will be available in the third quarter of 2008 in a variety of finishes. Suggested retail prices are $1,700 for the washer and $1,500 for the dryer.
The first-ever built-in ovens from LG will be available in October 2008, in both single and double oven models with extra large, 4.7 cu. ft. capacity, with unique and intuitive 7″ LCD touch screen for ultimate convenience. Included in both the single and double ovens is a pre-loaded gourmet recipe bank for ten food categories. Ovens come in a premium stainless steel finish along with a brilliant blue interior cavity for stylish and elegant look. The oven extra-large 4.7 cu. ft. capacity allows to cook more dishes at once, making meal preparation when cooking for large families or guests easier. The LG exclusive convection system enables up to 30 percent faster preheat times and more even heat distribution. 3 halogen interior lamps give excellent view of food being cooked, while smooth gliding rack helps with heavy food items. The double oven will be priced at $3,400 and the single oven at $2,200. LG Appliances.