Electrolux 2006 Design Lab winners

The Electrolux Design Lab is an annual design competition open to students around the world, and designed to showcase their creative ideas for appliance designs that address the needs of the consumers of the future and use technology, and innovative design to revolutionize the industry. Highlighted here are four of the Electrolux 2006 Design Lab winners.
Nevale Food Carrier
Designed to invoke the shape of an antique Middle Eastern food container called “sefertasi”, the Nevale Food Carrier is a concept for a carrier that serves hot or cold meals on the go. Built in layers and featuring a hood with a digital control screen, the Nevale food carrier can store up to four different hot and/or cold meals inside. The digital display provides ongoing information about the storage conditions in each layer and can be programmed to launch automatic reheating at specific times. For cold food storage, the Nevale maintains a perfect preservation temperature. The layers all operate independently to ensure that both hot and cold foods are stored at their optimal conditions, all in the same carrier. Using a storage vacuum system that keeps air out, the Nevale appliance keeps food safe and free from bacteria throughout the day. Designed to encourage the prevalence of homemade and healthy food outside of the home with ease and effectiveness, the Nevale food carrier can help usher in an era of more conscientious eating on the go.
Electrolux Organic Cooker
Designed for flexible and oil-free cooking in the home of the future, the Organic Cook is a table top appliance that combines infrared technology and vacuum cooking to help create healthy meals within a fraction of their traditional cooking time. Shaped like a bowl with a lid, the Organic Cook allows consumers to cook food at their table or whatever surface they like, while offering oil-free frying, grilling and boiling options, all with one appliance. The Organic Cook uses high-efficiency radiant energy that sends high frequency electromagnetic waves from the invisible end of the light spectrum, allowing food to cook without the need to heat the air around it. The vacuum system ensures that all flavors are held within the food and do not escape into the surrounding space. The Organic Cook internal cooking pad comprises four separate sections in order to adapt to your desired style of cooking, and the digital dial operation around the circumference of the hood allows you easily set and adjust the cooking temperature.
VESSTO Portable Stove
An anagram for “Stirling Stove”, the VESSTO Portable Stove is a cooker that combines the physical flexibility and use of renewable energy as a power source – using an advanced version of a “Stirling Engine” which utilizes heat from the stove to expand and contract small quantities of gas inside, thus powering the appliance. The results are virtually silent operations, since no gas is vented and no explosions take place inside the stove. The self-power nature of the VESSTO not only makes for an environmentally friendly appliance, it also lets consumers prepare food wherever they desire, from kitchen to living rooms, backyard and great outdoors. Lit by an Organic Light-Emitting-Diode (OLED), the display of the VESSTO requires only a minimal amount of power to function while simultaneously offering a clear, easy to read control panel that has the ability to display recipes, notes or other cooking related info that can be downloaded from the Internet. Designed to herald a shift away from the trend towards ready-made-meals, the VESSTO encourages wholesome, healthy cooking by allowing food preparation to occur wherever is most convenient.
Electrolux SpiceHood
Tackling the issue of “healthy eating habit in 2016” with the use of herbs and spices, the SpiceHood incorporates the medicinal and flavor benefits of spices with the use of existing cooker hood technology. Featuring an automated spice rack and integrated dispenser system, the SpiceHood is designed to help reduce clutter around the kitchen while encouraging the use of herbs and spices for dietary benefit. This appliance removes the need for numerous shakers and containers around the kitchen holding various spices, while allowing the consumer to reap the well-known benefits of various herbs in their diet. Unlike modern day cooker hoods, the SpiceHood filters and recycles extracted air from the cooking process, working like a dehumidifier by condensing moisture to keep spices in dry conditions. The SpiceHood automated system helps consumers produce specific spice combinations, either from recipes stored in the system or programmed by the user. The integrated touch-sensitive display at the center of the hood is retractable and can be neatly closed away when the dispensing system is not in use. The display showcases SpiceHood database of spice information, containing an extensive library of recipes and suggestions for spice use, including information on spice origin, use and medicinal benefit, giving consumers solutions for healthier eating habits and ease of preparation.