TMIO Intelligent oven – expanded product line

TMIO has just expanded their already impressive line of intelligent wall ovens with this new Connect Io Professional Series 30” electric double wall oven. Containing both refrigeration and cooking elements in the same oven cavity, the TMIO intelligent oven can be programmed to start cooking at a set time, and also can be accessed remotely via the Internet, cell phone or PDA, if a change in plans occurs, and you need to adjust your schedule accordingly. Not only can dinner be ready when you get home, the TMIO intelligent oven series features easy to use 3M touch screen menus with graphics, that are very clear and easy to read. In addition to all these technologically advanced cooking features, these intelligent ovens feature NASA-based command and control engineering, and NASA-based ceramic insulation, which offers the only truly “green” and environmentally friendly oven on the market as they do not use toxic fume producing formaldehyde for insulation. A truly innovative and solution based professional style the Connect Io Intelligent ovens. Previously, the original series TMIO intelligent oven.

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