Electrolux Grand Cuisine appliances

The new Electrolux Grand Cuisine appliances belong to the world first and only professional cooking system designed specifically for the home use. There are 10 appliances in this system – Combination Oven, Blast Chiller, Induction Zone, Precision Vacuum Sealer, Gas Hob, Sear Hob, Surround Induction Zone, Stand Mixer and Bespoke Ventilation System and iconic Molteni. The entire system without Molteni starts at € 80,000, and of course, you can buy any individual appliance.
All appliances from Grand Cuisine come with easy to use intuitive touch screens, intelligent sensors and preset programs, allowing you to prepare any restaurant grade dishes, from Chateaubriand steak to airy meringues with precise heat and humidity. If you know what you are going, manual settings are readily available.


Grand Cuisine Molteni range
Every Molteni range stove out of about 150 made each year is made to order. You can choose French Top, gas solid top, gas burner, fryer, grill, sear hob, induction, gas, gas or electric convection oven. No matter which configuration you select, the massive steel top, heavy duty doors and thick high gloss enamel coating will handle the most intense cooking.

For those cooking with gas, this is the gas hob to have. Featuring Electrolux patented Flower Flame burners that automatically adjust to the size of the pan or pot, the precisely controllable Grand Cuisine gas hob will deliver outstanding results.


Grand Cuisine gas hob

These brass burners evenly heat the bottom of the pan with no hot spots, and the gas hob has two burner sizes – the 5.5 kW and the 3.0 kW. Finally, the hand built Grand Cuisine gas hob has the very minimal gaps between the surfaces and comes with cast iron pan supports that sit on combination of matte and glossy surfaces.


Grand Cuisine blast chiller

This powerful Electrolux blast chiller freezes food so quickly, it prevents the forming of large jagged ice crystals that often damage cell structure of the food, damaging flavour and texture. The blast chiller offers auto chilling and freezing strategies, 3-sensor probe enabling chilling and freezing to exact temperatures, side opening door, 4mm chamfered patterned glass and touch screen interface.


Grand Cuisine sear hob

The energy efficient sear hob has a stain resistant and odour repellent chrome plated stainless steel surface. The rapidly and evenly heated non-stick hob doesn’t mix flavours among different foods, so it is perfectly fine to cook fish or shrimp next to chicken or pork. Another benefit is the hob surface requires just a few drops of oil.


Grand Cuisine precision vacuum sealer

This appliance is the must-have for sous-vide cookery. The precision vacuum sealer seals food and liquids in an airtight pouch, ensuring the highest levels of food quality and taste. By employing a variable vacuum pressure and removing air from raw ingredients or cooked food, the sealer prevents oxidation.


Grand Cuisine combination steam oven

The professional grade combo steam oven lets you cook with stem or heat or a combination of the two. It features a highly accurate 6-sensor temperature probe that monitors the food as it cooks, reading at 6 positions to ensure that the coolest point reaches the required temperature. Electrolux integrated high performance steam generation has a Lambda probe that precisely measures the humidity within the oven. The Grand Cuisine combination steam oven from Electrolux also comes with automatic cleaning system, automatic or manual cooking strategies, exact temperature and humidity, cavity drain, side opening door, 4mm chamfered patterned glass and touch screen interface.


Grand Cuisine induction zone

You can use the entire 4mm thick glass surface of the Electrolux Grand Cuisine induction zone for cooking, because the pot recognition technology knows exactly where the pot is. In addition to zoneless cooking, you get preset configuration for quick start, larger 26cm coils for uniform heating, interactive user interface, handcrafted stainless steel frame, energy efficiency, power and precision.


Grand Cuisine surround induction zone

The round-bottomed Grand Cuisine surround induction zone uses pot recognition technology, and is perfectly curved to match the shape of your pan and heat it evenly from all sides. You can saute with just a drop of oil, steam and fry. Equipped with high power professional-grade induction coil, precise and intuitive control interface, the Electrolux surround induction zone is ideal for steaming, poaching boiling, searing and stewing.


Grand Cuisine stand mixer

A high-end professional stand mixer, such as this Grand Cuisine one, helps you to make artisan breads, delicate cakes and other delicious things. Featuring the planetary movement technology, ergonomic patented bowl lift system, removable stainless bowl guard, brushless motor, aluminium cover and a rage of professional attachments for mixing, kneading and whipping, the Electrolux stand mixer is an important member of Grand Cuisine cooking system.


Grand Cuisine ventilation

The bespoke ventilation for the Electrolux Grand Cuisine cooking system comes 4 island, 4 wall and 2 ceiling models, equipped with powerful and quiet multi-speed extraction fans, and highly efficient grease filters, mounted with magnetic tape for a completely hermetic seal of the hood. For recirculation installation, these bespoke vent hoods have special long-lasting super-efficient active aroma filters with honeycomb structure and integrated antibacterial silver and copper particles.