Nespresso U espresso maker

This is a very slim espresso maker, made in Hungary by Nespresso. The U measures only 4.5 inches wide and comes in 8 finishes. In the heart of the Nespresso U is the 19 bar pump, enabling you to enjoy delicious, coffee shop quality ristretto, espresso, cappuccino and lungo. Basically, the U turns you into a professional barista.

This automatic espresso maker punctures and ejects used coffee capsules, 12 of which can be held. You also have 3 settings for ristretto, espresso and lungo. Nespesso quick-heating thermoblock element ensures fast 25-second preheating.
Nespresso U espresso maker is equipped with the retractable nozzle which automatically eliminates drips by simply retracting internally after coffee is extruded. The 27 oz adjustable water tank can slide left or right, comfortably fitting into corners and small counter spaces.
Other features of the Nespresso U are preferred cup size memory function, programmable coffee volume quantity, magnetic and movable cup support for tall glasses, simple descaling mode, blinking light indicator for empty water tank and cable storage. Price starts at around $200.

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