Electrolux Infinite Induction Hob and Hood Concept

The new Infinite Induction Hob Concept and its mirror image hood connect preparation with presentation. Launched in Eurocucina and available exclusively in Europe, the matching Infinite Induction 3D Hob and Hood Concept from Electrolux uses the design language of tableware to connect food preparation with food presentation. The tableware language of the hob-hood pair starts with the choice of shape and materials for the frames of the hob matching hood.

The minimalist design of the Infinite hob induction crosses is replaced in the concept by a series of hexagons that mark the area of the induction field that the pan needs to contact. The Infinite Induction 3D hob is paired with a hood that mirrors its shape and language, creating a harmonic visual connection. This connection is reinforced by the placement of the hood controls on the hob itself, so the hob and the hood are connected not only in design language but also functionally. Because the hobs also overlap a standard cutout, the hob can be easily fitted into an existing kitchen, so the homeowners have the freedom to install this in place of their previous hob. Electrolux.