Bosch 800 Series dishwasher

At 40 dBA, the new Bosch 800 Series dishwasher is company quietest and most Eco-friendly dishwasher that is engineered to be the most efficient dishwasher ever sold in North America. Bosch achieved continual advancements in sound reduction by not only insulating the traditional noise that comes from within the unit, but by eliminating the sources of those noises. The 800 Plus re-imagines the dish washing cycle, improving performance and efficiency while eliminating the most identifiable dishwasher sounds – the drain snorkel and the water blast.

Bosch 800 Series dishwasher comes equipped with Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Drain Pump which senses when the water has finished draining to eliminate the abrasive snorkeling sound. Improved insulation also includes 2 foam strips on the edges of the inner door and 2 cotton fiber fleece strips along the back frame to further soundproof the dishwasher. Dosage Assist removes the sound of water spraying the dishwasher door to break down the detergent. The 800 Plus is the first dishwasher specially designed to accommodate detergent tabs which now account for 50% of detergent sales. With Dosage Assist, detergent tabs fall into a tray inside the dishwasher cavity to breakdown and dissolve at the optimal time for the best performance.
The 800 Plus uses as low as 2 gallons of water per cycle, 70% less than the average dishwasher, and operates on only 180 kWh a year of energy, an industry best. Other Eco-friendly features include,
– new hydraulic system which uses less water and energy to clean dishes
– new triple filtration system, that has the coarse filter to remove bigger debris and food particles, the fine filter and micro filter grind to remove the smallest particles
– improved load sensor that recognizes quantity and type of dishes in the cavity and adjusts water consumption to provide the best washing results
Bosch 800 Series is also quite safe. It features AquaStop Plus, the patented 4-part leak protection system, which is the most comprehensive safety package in the U.S. market, allowing to comfortably run the dishwasher without fear of burst hoses and slow, floor-ruining leaks. The embedded heater allows to place easily-melted items, like plastic ware, anywhere in the chamber. As water passes through the heater it heats quickly and efficiently, up to the 161°F sanitizing temperature. Other key benefits of the 800 Plus are,
– 15 complete place settings
– the V-shaped 3rd rack to fit silverware, bigger cutlery items and small dishes
– RackMatic Plus easily adjusts the upper rack height to 3 levels
– an additional silverware basket offers flexible loading within the cavity
– VarioFlex Plus Racks feature a total of 17 foldable elements in the upper and lower baskets, allowing to wash more dishes without increasing energy or water consumption
– a built-in water softener prevents the development of lime deposits in the machine, and with different areas of the country having different levels of hard water, the 800 Plus does the guess work, adjusting water to keep the machine running at optimal performance
– stainless steel fascia panel and exclusive Piezo Touch Controls marry bold design with one-touch functionality
The Bosch 800 Plus dishwasher is available in Evolution and Integra models, with a price ranging from $1,650 to $2,100. Bosch.
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