European Appliances trends – Electrolux Pan-European design line of home appliances

European Appliances trends are clearly manifested in Electrolux Pan-European design line of high end home appliances. The Pan-European design family is used for various Electrolux brands. This leading designer and manufacturer of the European appliances pays close attention to the customer demands and more importantly to how they are changing, often setting up the next appliances trends instead of waiting for them to impose themselves in the very competitive European marketplace. The Pan-European design line comprises the brand equities of a defined design language and a consistent look and feel in all product ranges. These appliances have emotional appearance but do not neglect the rational and functional needs of customers.
The Electrolux wine cooler from Pan-European design line combines high-quality materials such as metallic aluminium, UV-filtered insulating glass and polished birch with state-of-the-art cooling technology. In the functional and aesthetic wine keeper red, rose and white wine as well as champagne can be stored at the right temperature. Furthermore, chocolate and cigars can be stored in a taste-preserving way in a separate drawer. An elegant glass door and integrated lighting allow the user to check or look at the content. A self-explanatory operating panel and a digital temperature display make it easy to set the temperature and the internal humidity. Sensors monitor the inside and outside temperature and a tone signals when the door has accidentally been left open. The European wine keeper can be used as a free-standing or integrated appliance.

The controls and displays of this Electrolux European range of built-in ovens are clearly positioned. The touch controls and displays follow a horizontal line. A white light line indicating the operational mode reappears as a characteristic design feature. It imparts an emotional touch to the panel, which is also made for decorative use.
The design of this Pan-European Design built-in dishwasher is similar to those of built-in ovens and stoves. The positioning of the user control and the user logic are connecting elements between the units.
Thanks to its unobtrusive design this dishwasher can easily be integrated in various kitchen styles. The use of genuine materials upgrades the design and the flexible interior adapts well to the user needs. The slim light bar integrated in the door is both a design as well as a functional element.
This design of this wall mounted chimney hood also features a white light line serving as mode indicator and design touch. Thanks to horizontal and simple cubist forms this design can be integrated in the widest variety of kitchen styles. The rectangular filter panels are of a straight forward design without spoiling the overall impression.
Air vents are used as design elements and demonstrate high aesthetic standards in this Electrolux island hood.