Berkshire cast iron gas stove from Lopi

Lopi stoves has re-engineered its Berkshire cast iron gas stove to provide consumers with even more value than the 2006 model. The 2007 Berkshire gas Lopi stove is available in New Iron Paint Finish or Oxford Brown Enamel. Double doors are now standard and can be opened or removed depending on the taste of the home owner. The optional cast trivet is not cast into the top of the stove. Lopi stoves added all new logs to the 2007 Berkshire along with the option of adding a 160 CFM fan, cast ceramic brick fireback, an accent light for adding warmth to the interior of the firebox, even when the fire is off, a stone top and side kit and an aromatherapy tray. This medium capacity Lopi stove is available with stone side and top kits in Soapstone, Spice Granite and Travertine Stone. As with other Lopi gas stoves, you are able to control heat with the push of a button of the remote control and wall thermostat maintains temperature. Variable flame regulation and heat output and huge view of the fire, which thanks to Lopi flame technology looks like a real wood fire, put these gas Lopi stoves quite high on my winter shopping list.

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