GE Cafe appliances updated products and features

Designed for those aspiring home chefs who truly enjoy cooking, the original line of GE Cafe appliances was an instant success. The stylish, professionally designed products made even the most discriminating foodies take notice. Since then, the GE Café line has continued to expand, offering affordable, innovative products in every kitchen product category – cooking, refrigeration and dishwashers.
Four years later, GE offers updated and improved exciting new products that enable consumers to take food farther than they ever imagined, with features like our 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner on Cafe freestanding double-oven or Speedcook in GE Advantium oven. Cafe has all the options a cooking enthusiast or aspiring chef needs to outfit an entire kitchen suite, updating the overall look of a kitchen without the hassle of remodeling the cabinetry. The professional appearance and performance of GE Cafe appliances attract the serious cook who wants the tools and features to take their cooking from four stars to five.
New GE Cafe products and features include,
– dishwasher with Steam Prewash option and dedicated water jets for silverware
– enhanced built-in 30″ single and double ovens
– freestanding gas double oven with the 6.7 cu. ft cooking cavity
– 30″ and 36″ wide gas and electric cooktops
– redesigned freestanding French Door refrigerator with more ice storage

The updated GE Cafe dishwasher now features dedicated silverware jets. The dishwasher middle wash arm with powerful spray jets is designed to focus specifically on silverware for a thorough cleaning of all utensils. The same jets also play an important part in the Cafe PureClean wash system with 5-stage filtration.
The other new feature is the dedicated DeepClean cycle which helps to remove difficult soils, like eggs, oatmeal and rice using a Steam PreWash option. After the second prewash fill, the dishwasher stops the water circulation and activates the calrod heater. Water dripping from the glassware and dishware falls onto the calrod heater and creates a wall of steam that helps to loosen soils before the main wash.
Additional key features and attributes of GE Cafe dishwasher are 4 wash cycles including Auto, DeepClean with Steam, China/Crystal and Normal Wash as well as 4 options including 2-, 4- and 8-hour Delay Start, Heated Dry On/Off, Added Heat and Automatic HotStart.
The 30″ wide GE Cafe built-in single convection wall oven offers 4.4 cu. ft capacity, sophisticated glass touch controls, black gloss oven interior, gliding heavy-duty roller rack with stainless steel ball bearings and PreciseAir Convection System with an innovative fan that reverses direction for optimal air and heat circulation, providing even cooking and precise baking and roasting results. Main convection cooking modes are,
– Convection Bake where both the bake and broil elements are cycled on and off alternately while the fan provides even heat distribution. This is optimized for foods like casseroles or lasagnas, yeast breads, pies and pizzas because browning is even with no need to turn or rotate the pan.
– Convection Roast with the convection fan operating on High. Convection Roast is optimal for larger cuts of meat, as this cooking mode rotates the heat around all sides, sealing in the juices, producing rotisserie results at up to 25% faster than a conventional oven.
With a GE Cafe double gas range, you can prepare two different dishes at two different temperatures at the exact same time. With the 6.7 cu. ft total oven capacity, you have plenty of space to cook. That means while your favorite dessert is baking in the 2.4 cu. ft upper oven, your main course can be slow roasting in the 4.3 cu. ft lower oven. The powerful gas cooktop features the 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner, designed for accelerated boiling and gentle simmering. The nonstick griddle is ideal for pancakes, bacon, sandwiches and more. In addition, the large griddle is convenient and easy to clean, just as the self cleaning ovens.
Other main benefits of this 30″ wide GE Cafe range include audible preheat signal, automatic oven timer, auto oven shut-off with override, auto recipe conversion, certified Sabbath mode, control lock capability, convection conversion, Delay Bake, Delay Clean, digipad numeric entry, electronic clock and timer, in-oven broiling, oven meat probe and self-clean cool down time display.
The 36″ wide deep-recessed GE Cafe gas cooktop contains spills in one area so they can be easily wiped clean. It has 5 sealed burners with removable caps, including a powerful 20,000 BTU three-in-one burner, designed for accelerated boiling and gentle simmering. The precise simmer burner is rated at 5,000 BTUs for general cooking tasks using a small pan, and it turns down to a very low 140°F for warming foods, melting butter or chocolate or making delicate sauces. The sleek LED backlit knobs indicate when burners are on.
Modern and robust, the redesigned French Door refrigerator by GE Cafe now comes with large in-door icemaker with temperature display, which produces filtered cubed or crushed ice without taking up food-storage space in the fresh-food section.
GE equipped the refrigerator with its advanced ClimateKeeper system, designed for even cooling throughout the fresh food section. This single-evaporator system maintains even, accurate temperatures by using electronic temperature sensors, a multi-flow air tower and electronic digital controls.
The full-width Freshness Center drawer features front and back gasket that reduce air movement inside, allowing fruits and vegetables to retain moisture. Setting the humidity control on High closes air vents to block circulation, creating humidity levels that are ideal for vegetables. Setting the humidity control on Low opens air vents to allow circulation, creating low humidity levels that are ideal for fruits and thick-skinned vegetables. And this drawer can handle wide items, such as deli trays.