Latest dishdrawer by Fisher & Paykel and DCS

Fisher & Paykel released the latest DishDrawer dishwasher phase, incorporating many enhancements. A lot has changed since the original Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer made a huge splash. Now you can have an integrated DishDrawer dishwasher that can be seamlessly installed in the kitchen with clean lines and remote start. Each drawer holds 7 place settings, is ultra-quite and efficient.

The next generation DishDrawer is released under DCS as well. Key enhancements are,
– single integrated models feature seamless cabinetry integration achieved by rear venting and a fully adjustable door option
– integrated dishdrawers include wireless remote creating clean lines and eliminating the need for an external interface
– dishdrawers have an increase in place setting accommodation from 6 to 7
– enhanced racking including an adjustable bowl rack for large pasta dishes
– improved wash, energy and water performance
Fore more information see Fisher & Paykel and DCS. Previously, Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer Wide.

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