GE Profile oven – speed cooking Advantium oven

[KBIS 2008 Preview]
The newly enhanced GE Profile oven, Advantium 240 Volt oven offers a sharp new appearance, spacious 1.7 cubic foot capacity, and four ovens in one plus grilling capabilities. Advantium ovens use revolutionary Speedcook technology to cook foods in a fraction of the time needed in conventional ovens. This GE Profile oven combines intense halogen light with microwave energy, cooking the outside of food much like conventional radiant heat while penetrating the surface to cook the inside simultaneously, eliminating the need for preheating. You can have oven-quality food up to eight times faster than when cooking in a conventional oven. The flexibility and performance could not be better. GE Profile 1.5 kW True European Convection makes a perfect oven for even baking and roasting of meats and pastries. The 975 Watt sensor microwave oven automatically delivers exceptional cooking results, while warming oven keep just cooked foods fresh and crisp, with a proofing feature for quick rising of dough. Full-width oven rack and large interior are spacious enough to allow a 9″ x 13″ casserole dish to fully rotate. Accessories and utility drawer comes handy for storage. The speed cooking Advantium oven is beautifully styled with elegantly curved lines, dramatic sweeps of edge-to-edge glass, bold sculpted handles and a sleek, rounded finish, giving it a modern, sophisticated look. This new GE Profile oven will be available in summer 2008 for an estimated retail price of around $2,250 USD. GE Appliances. Previously, 30″ freestanding electric double GE Profile oven range.