GE Profile washer and dryer – SmartDispense front load GE washers and dryers

[KBIS 2008 Preview]
With the SmartDispense front load GE Profile washer and dryer, you don’t have to worry if you put enough detergent or fabric softener or selected the right cycle for those special fabrics. The new GE Profile SmartDispense front load laundry pair takes all the guessing out and make your laundry chores a rather pleasant experience or at the very least, non eventful. GE claims it will be as easy as sending your laundry out. Spectacularly sculptured, GE Profile elegantly designed new washer and dryer are based on exclusive SmartDispense pedestals with the system which, based on a load size, soil level, water hardness, fabric and cycle type, automatically dispenses detergent and fabric softener. Not only you can stop fretting about laundry varying parameters – you don’t have to keep sticky and messy detergent bottles in the laundry room. GE also equips the washer with quite advanced stain removal system, capable of treating over 40 different combinations of stains and fabric types, including wine, grass, blood, chocolate, cooking oil, mustard and ink. And with special cycles designed to provide the ideal combination of cleaning factors, the front load GE washer and dryer can handle all sorts of clothing from delicate hosiery and bras, to performance fabrics, to pet bedding and comforters. The unique and new H2ITION technology automatically senses the load and adds just the right amount of water to each load to help save time and money. The reversing wash action works with a gentle motion that belies its excellent cleaning ability, with a system that injects water into clothes to enhance cleaning power. The 4.2 cu. ft. washer tub is large enough for your biggest loads and the 1,300 rpm spin speed removes more water, so clothes dry quickly. All the load details are on a scrolling control panel. GE Profile dryer gets all the setting it needs from the washer, using GE CleanSpeak communication tool. The 7.5 cu. ft. dryer features reverse tumble action that keeps fabrics tangle free and speeds up the drying process. The exclusive DuoDry system with variable heater and dual motors, thermistors and moisture sensors dries clothes faster and more evenly. The dyer features an innovative baffle dry system with a built-in dryer shelf and hanging system that allows extra, no-tumble care for delicates, sweaters, shoes and other items. It also helps reduce creasing and wrinkling. Available in Champagne, Vermillion Red or Pure White, this Energy Star qualified GE Profile washer will cost about $1,300 USD while dryer will be priced at $1,100. In stores in summer 2008.