Indesit offers integration, connection and Eco sustainability

[Eurocucina 2010 Review]
Smart solutions with emphasis on the integration of elements and their connection with the surrounding space, were the main themes of Indesit Company at Eurocucina 2010. The priority focus is on simplifying daily life, on expanding space in the home by working on ergonomics and adapting appliances to different uses, and on Eco-sustainability. Integration makes it possible to redesign space and discover new, unexplored furnishing possibilities. Home appliances that are modular, flexible and integrated, help develop the functions needed to improve day-to-day life and also enjoy the advantages of improved management of energy resources, with obvious environmental benefits.

This idea of the future has already given rise to,
– Aqualift, which redesigns the washing-up zone with an integrated dishwasher and sink, thus eliminating the need to bend down to use the dishwasher
– Vertigo, which integrates a large hob and hood in a single synergic system with an oven cavity conveniently placed above the kitchen top
– Multicook, a cooking zone which, when raised, reveals a series of accessories for use in preparing dishes and providing everything needed in a very small space
Other forward-looking Indesit Appliances include Food Avenue and Custom Ice. Food Avenue, where hob and table are integrated to combine aesthetics, conviviality and the pleasure of cooking, features the large table that makes it possible not only to prepare a recipe but also to cook and eat it without having to move anywhere else. Custom Ice, whose functions can also be programmed remotely, offers optimal management of all its functions, including freezing and defrosting to save energy. Custom Ice is a highly interactive interface that also serves as a control centre for Eco-compatible management of all home appliances, thanks to technology Indesit Company has developed for interaction between products. It has a system to acquire information on energy availability on the grid and modify its operations accordingly. Fitted across a range of products, this system helps balance the distribution network and prevent superfluous CO2 emissions caused by grid overloading. Indesit Company.