Sunbeam gas grill – portable outdoor gas grill

Innovo Thermo Twin gas barbeque is the latest Sunbeam gas grill that sets a new standard in portable outdoor gas grill design. Innovo features an innovative three-tier cooking system for incredibly even heat distribution, meaning you get top notch cooking results every time. This lightweight and compact outdoor grill is perfectly suited for smaller patios and balconies.
The GB2100 Sunbeam gas grill is the based on comprehensive research of portable grill market which allowed Sunbeam to identify some unique Australian trends that are not typically addressed in compact barbeque grills. The result is a robustly engineered and tastefully designed portable outdoor gas grill with significantly higher heat output and versatility.

Thermo Twin has aesthetically pleasant, simple lines and high quality materials, projecting sophistication, power and performance. Key benefits of this innovative Sunbeam grill include,
– three-tier cooking system for superior heat distribution
– two 10MJ thermojet stainless steel burners
– independent burner controls providing two thermal zones
– enamelled flame tamer
– twin 430 Stainless Steel Burners
– twin piezo ignition
– heavy weight porcelain enamel cast iron grill plate
– heavy weight reversible ribbed / flat cast iron hot plate
– die cast roasting hood with 304 stainless steel wrap
– temperature gauge
– folding, removable side shelves for easy portability or storage
– gas bottle holder and trolley
You can buy the new Sunbeam portable outdoor gas grill for $600 AUD. Previously, Sunbeam Cafe Series grill and barbecue.

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